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Thanks to Todd Miller and DanicaPowerX for their comments on my post. However, neither "refudiated" (to quote a great American) my main point: until Danica can consistently qualify in the top twenty, her improving raceday performances will not result in better finishes. How many times since I wrote that post have we heard Danica admit that she "sucks" at qualifying? I'm sure that that admission means her and the team are working on ways to improve qualifying laps. When she races tracks for the second time this season, I expect her to qualify better than the first visit with the Generation VI car. Given her work ethic and hunger for victory, we should anticipate improvement.  

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Comment by Todd Miller on July 23, 2013 at 12:25am

Whether it is qualifying or racing, set-up is huge.  As a team, they are just not rolling off the hauler with good base set-ups.  The team just hasn't clicked yet overall in feedback from the driver, the Gen-6 car and execution in practice.  They usually improve on the handling during the race but are not consistant.  When she has a car under her she can wheel it.  Good qualifying is very important on some tracks, not so much on others if you have great race set-up.  We've watch time and again, good cars come through the field.  Getting back to your thoughts Neil, good qualifying usually represents a good base set-up, something the driver and team won't have to chase so much throughout the race.  Hence, better finishes.  There is nothing worse for a driver than trying to make a poorly set-up car go fast.  It is so much harder both mentally and physically to deal with.

Comment by Donna Schwartz on July 21, 2013 at 10:44am

Neil, I totally agree that Danica will not improve where she finishes unless she starts qualifying better. 

Here's my question.  How much of the poor qualifying results are the adjustments on the Gen-6 and how much is Danica just learning the track and the newer car?  During races, she seems to really move up when she has a good car under her.  Other days, we watch her constantly drop back and I've come to realize it's not all her driving abilities.  So, what's the percentage?  60% car / 40 % Danica?  50%/50%???

So many comments revolve around how little time she ends up spending on the track during practices.  It seems like they just don't have the car figured out!

Also, what are your ideas about the adjustments to the car.  Are they setting it up for racing trim and it isn't working out for qualifying?

Just some questions from a newbie who is still figuring it all out.  Guess Danica would say the same thing.

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